Event Space in Sarasota, FL

City of Sarasota

An icon in the heart of downtown Sarasota’s cultural district, the Sarasota Municipal Auditorium stands out as a premier location for a variety of events. From elegant weddings to corporate meetings, seminars, and tradeshows, the space offers 10,000 square feet of unobstructed floor space and excellent acoustics.

Key Building Features

Built in 1938 and designed in an amazing Art Deco style by Chicago architects Thomas Reed and Clarence A. Martin, the Municipal Auditorium has been painstakingly remodeled to maintain its iconic charm while providing the infrastructure needed for modern events. The tall ceilings and stunning hardwood floors help create an elegant aesthetic, but they also enhance the quality of acoustics. Audio, visual, and lighting equipment upgrades were designed and executed to create the ideal atmosphere for both personal and professional events. The facility boasts a 39-foot ceiling and seating can be planned to accommodate either a large or a small number of guests.

For the comfort of attendees, there is free on-site parking, in-house concessions, and an ATM located within the facility. The auditorium’s location also grants easy access to downtown Sarasota’s finest theaters, museums, hotels, and restaurants. To help your event run smoothly, we offer a front breezeway for ticket sales or registration along with a staging area for any catering.

Plan Your Event

Our event space offers the versatility of planning your event the way you want, and our clients are free to design the space to suit their specific event needs. With the help of our management team and support staff, you are certain to enjoy a feasible planning process to ensure a successful event. The spaces are equipped, so you only need to focus on ensuring that your event is spectacular. We also offer other facilities to cater to medium and small size events.

Auditorium Events

The Sarasota Municipal Auditorium has hosted the Sarasota Youth Orchestra’s Debutante Ball, the Miss Florida pageant, and the renowned West Coast Symphony. Within the walls of its modern design hide whispers of the past. From numerous high school proms and elaborate receptions to concerts, fundraisers, trade shows, exhibits, and business meetings, our staff will meet your event needs and exceed all expectations. Theatre, banquet, trade show, and open floor plans are all available.

If you're interested in viewing this dynamic event space in action, consider attending the Vintage & Collectables Fair or contact us to schedule a visit. Let us help you make your next event or expo a success!